Thai New Year in Little Saigon is not just a celebration of Songkran, it’s a celebration of our community, our Tenderloin. In this spirit, we’re featuring a neighborhood restaurant  that embodies our community values, like family, fun, and delicious food. Turtle Tower has deep roots in the Tenderloin, and is known for its high quality, fresh Vietnamese cuisine.

The restaurant’s take on authentic, affordable Vietnamese cuisine has not gone without notice. Julie Johnson of SF Station gave the following glowing review in 2005:

“Our gourmet dishes are prepared with love and care to preserve the flavors of Northern Vietnam. We use only fresh free-range chicken, high quality beef, and our noodles are always freshly made. Our soups are served without bean sprouts, basil, and hoisin sauce, as is the Ha Noi tradition.” - Turtle Tower SF Website

“On a bustling alley corner in the Tenderloin, Turtle Tower is easily missed – unless you happen to know its chef and owner Steven Nghia Pham, who appears to know everybody walking past.


“It takes a confident chef to name his restaurant after Hanoi's famous landmark Thap Rua, or Turtle Tower. Steven says he wanted his customers to know where his restaurant stands among the many pho shops of San Francisco-and his instincts were right.


“Steven developed his recipes from the food his mother cooked for him and his siblings, not the recipes his grandfather culled as a gourmet French cuisine chef in Hanoi. The Nghia family has been in the restaurant business since his grandfather opened up a French restaurant in the 1940s, and his brother still runs the family restaurant today where their specialty is the traditional soup and rice dishes that Steven thought would sell in San Francisco when he opened Turtle Tower in 2000.” -​Julie Johnson - SF Station, January 9th 2005

We are excited and honored to partner with Turtle Tower for the first annual Thai New Year Festival. Their spirit of community, commitment to authenticity, and contributions to the Tenderloin’s culture and cuisine makes them a natural fit. We hope you stop by their booth at the festival, say hello, and enjoy the some of the best pho in the Bay.